ABC Highway Extended Weekday Times

Effective Monday October 14, 2019 The Transport Board has extended the times to the ABC Highway service. These times are as follows for each location:


  • 17:45
  • 19:00
  • 20:30


  • 19:00
  • 21:00

‘You Are In Safe Hands With Us’

Service Adjustment: Chalky Mount, Bathsheba

Please be informed that with immediate effect the Monday to Friday 0500 Chalky Mount service travel to Airy Hill on the inbound journey to Bridgetown,  while the 0500 Bathsheba service will travel to Blackmans on the inbound journey to Bridgetown. 

Pilot Service: Route #60 – Oistins to Bridgefield via Green Hill

From Monday 14 th January 2019, the Operations Department would be testing a new service. This service is Route # 60 Oistins to Bridgefield via Green Hill. It would operate from Monday to Friday.

Provisional Schedule

The route description for Bridgefield via Green Hill is as follows:


Oistins, Welches, Maxwell, Top Rock, St. Lawrence, Graeme Hall Swamp, Worthing, Hastings, right to Garrison Savannah, Barbados Museum, Dalkeith Road, Culloden Road, Belleville, Pine Road, Tweedside Road, Globe round-a-bout, Harmony Hall, Hindsbury Road, left to Bank Hall Main Road, Eagle Hall, right to Tudor Bridge, Codrington Hill, Green Hill, left at Dome Mall, circle (Warren’s office area), exit by Kentucky/SOL Gas station, circle Simpson Motors roundabout, proceed to Warrens roundabout, turn left to one Accord Plaza, Jackson, Arthur Seat, Cane Garden, Bridgefield pass Municipal Building take left onto White Hall Road, Pass Bridgefield Pavilion, turn opposite the Barbados Mini-Golf Course.


White Hall, Bridgefield, Cane Garden, Jackson, One Accord Plaza, Green Hill, Tudor Bridge, Eagle Hall, Bank Hall Main Road, Harmony Hall, Tweedside Road, Welches, Belleville, Culloden Road Dalkeith Road Hastings Worthing Top Rock, Maxwell, Oistins.

The Route Description for Bridgefield via Melrose is as follows:

White Hall, Bridgefield, Cane Garden, Arthur Seat, Edge Hill, Melrose, Welches, Cost U Less Round- a-bout, Simpsons roundabout onto Warrens roundabout, Green Hill, Spooner’s Hill, Tudor Bridge, Eagle Hall, Bank Hall, Eastmond Corner, Welches, Government Hill, Bussa round-a-bout, ABC Highway, St Barnabas Road, Wildey, Factory Avenue, turn left on to Wildey, Clapham, Sargeant’s Village, Vauxhall, Kendal Hill, via ABC Highway, Kingsland, Water Street, Newton Park, Church Hill, Oistins

Challenges to Service Delivery

The Transport Board, being mindful of the members of the travelling public who are dependent upon our services to conduct their daily activities, wish to apologize for the ongoing issues in our service delivery. Unfortunately, these issues might continue in the immediate future as we seek to address external challenges that are beyond our control. We acknowledge that we had committed to improving bus availability and was on the path to this when school commenced in early September when we had 110 buses on the road.

Regrettably, as a result of the recent passing of Tropical Storm Kirk, a number of buses which traversed areas with rushing and/or high water levels experienced damaged panels and other electrical issues. This situation resulted in approximately 40 buses having to be removed from service. Since then, of those buses, we were able to return seventeen to service.

Additionally, a container of parts that had been purchased through Simpson Motors, to assist in the maintenance and refurbishment project, was damaged at the port in Kingston, Jamaica on route to Barbados. This situation has placed us in a difficult position as it has further delayed the return to service of a number of buses.

This delay in the access to parts has led to a domino effect. Buses that are awaiting inspection by the regulatory authority (Ministry of Transport Works and Maintenance) have also been impacted and are presently not operational until issues identified can be corrected.

All of the above have contributed to the situation that we are presently experiencing. We are therefore asking the traveling public to be patient and to work with us, as these maintenance issues are addressed to improve our service delivery. We sincerely apologize for any inconvenience caused.

Challenges to Service Delivery

The Transport Board, being mindful of the members of the travelling public who are dependent upon our services to conduct their daily activities, wishes to apologize for the ongoing problems in delivering its scheduled services.  Unfortunately, it is anticipated that the challenges being experienced will continue to manifest themselves during the coming weeks.

In keeping with the Road Traffic Regulations and in following the laws of Barbados, the Transport Board must have its fleet of units inspected annually.

The Licensing Authority is the only entity that can deem the buses to be roadworthy and this is handled through the inspection process. At this time a number of units are going through this process, consequently, this is adding another level to our ongoing problems and is further affecting our bus availability.

This situation is further exacerbated by the fact that the hoist at the Ministry of Transport and Works has been out of commission for over twelve (12) months.  As a result of this untenable situation, the Transport Board in conjunction with the Ministry of Transport and Works is forced to seek alternative locations to have the inspections of the buses conducted and this is dependent on the availability of the equipment at the alternative location.

This combination of events has resulted in additional challenges as we seek to deliver our regularly scheduled services.

In view of the foregoing, we are again asking the travelling public to be patient as we seek to improve on this situation.

We thank you for your ongoing support and understanding.

24 January 2018

Bus Services Available for Golden Anniversary Spectacular Mega Concert

The Golden Anniversary Spectacular Mega Concert powered by FLOW will take place tonight at 9:00 p.m. at Kensington Oval.

Park and Ride services to the concert:

The Barbados Transport Board will be providing a park and ride service from the National Cultural Foundation, West Terrace, St. James; Queens College, Husbands, St. James and the Lloyd Erskine Sandiford Centre, Two Mile Hill, St. Michael.

  • This service will begin at 8:00 p.m. and will cost $7.00.

End-of-event services from the concert:

  • There will be an end-of-event transportation service from the Oval to the following routes, also at a cost of $7.00:


End of Event Routes From Oval

Martin’s Bay/Flat Rock/Bathsheba

Bridgetown; Waterford; Hothersal Turning; Lower Estate; Bourne’s Village; Locust Hall; St. Helens; Belair; Market Hill; Groves; Sweet Vale (Sweet Bottom); Redland; Claybury; Sherbourne; (turn around) Mount Tabor; Venture; Malvern; Hackelton Cliff; Edey’s Village; Clifton Hall; Allen Moore Corner; Newcastle; Martin’s Bay; St Margaret’s Village; Glenburnie; (turn) Foster Hall; Andromeda Gardens; Bathsheba; St. Elizabeth Village; Joes River; Horse Hill; Blackman’s; Parris Hill; Andrews Factory; Groves.

Grazettes/Wanstead/Holders Hill/ Rock Dundo/Rock Hall

Bridgetown; Eagle Hall; Tudor Bridge; Spooners Hill; Long Gap; Grazettes; Cave Hill; Hinds Hill; Gordon Cumming Highway; Wanstead; Oxnards; Thorpes; Hoytes Village; Redman’s Village; Bennett’s; Highway 2A; St. Thomas Church; Orange Hill; Westmoreland; Upper Carlton; Rock Dundo; Black Bess; Rock Hall.

St. Andrew’s Church/ Shorey Village/Jackson

Bridgetown; Eagle Hall; Spooners Hill; Green Hill; Warrens; Jackson; Sharon; Shop Hill; Hillaby; Turners Hall; Bawdens; Walkers; St. Andrew’s Church; Douglin; Shorey Village; Belleplaine; St. Simons.

Workmans/St. Judes/ Greens/Drax Hall//Society/Bowmanston

Bridgetown; Tweedside Road; Fairfield; My Lord’s Hill; Belle; Norman Niles; Salters; Charles Rowe Bridge; St. George Church; Eastlyn; Ellerton;(Love Rock Corner) into Ellerton Housing Area; Waverly Cot & Buttals Tenantry; Brighton Plantation; Melverton; Bydes Mill; Halton Plantation; Chapel; Church Village; Government Industrial School; Padmore Village; Bushy Park Road; Gaskin Road; District C Police Station; Station Hill; Moncrieffe; Massiah Street; Society Plantation; Codrington School; Massiah Street; Rose Gate; Bowmanston.

Sugar Hill/Chalky Mount

Bridgetown; Waterford; Norman Niles; Hothersal Turning; Carib Rehab Ltd; Bibby’s Lane; Proutes; Walkes Spring; Sugar Hill; Airy Hill; turn around Sugar Hill; Todd’s Corner; Chimborazo; Coffee Gully; turnaround point; Branchbury; Chimborazo; Melvins Hill; Upper Parks; Lower Parks; Dark Hole; Chalky Mount.

Indian Ground/Boscobelle/Pie Corner/Josey Hill/Connell Town

Bridgetown; Eagle Hall; Black Rock Main Road; Paynes Bay; Holetown; Lower Carlton; Road View; Speightstown Bus Terminal; Station Hill; Ashton Hall; Mile and A Quarter; Benn Hill; Pleasant Hall; Portland; Welchtown; Indian Ground; Roebuck; Four Hill; Prospect Road; French Village; Farley Hill; Diamond Corner; Castle; Gay; The Mount; Foster Funland; Centipede Alley; Baltic; Date Tree; Cave Hill; Pie Corner; Well Road; Lowlands; Chance Hall; Durhams; Rock Hall; Josey Hill; Mount Gay; Pickering; Spring Hall; Hope Road; Connell Town.

Sam Lords Castle/Fairy Valley/ Silver Sands/Bayfield

Bridgetown; Jemmotts Lane; Bay Street; Hastings; Worthing; Top Rock; Maxwell; Oistins; Silver Sands; Wilcox Hill Providence; Pilgrim Road; Callenders; Grantley Adams Airport; Spencers; Rock Hall; Gemswick; St. Martins.

St Patricks/Yorkshire

President Kennedy Drive; Westbury Road; Passage Road; Country Road; Reobuck Street; Tweedside Road; Pine Road; Collymore Rock; Wildey; Sargeant Village; Vauxhall; ABC Highway; Kendal Hill; Montrose; Water street Lodge road; Newton Park; Searles Lead Vale; Fairview; St Patricks; Woodbourne; Six roads; Mangrove BWU Labour College Casa Grande Hotel; Garrett Road Oldbury; Gemwick Airport; Charnock 1; Charnock 2; Waldron; Lower Greys to Bridgetown.

College Savannah/Sargeant Street via Fortesque

President Kennedy Drive; Westbury Road; Passage Road; Country Road; Reobuck Street; Tweedside Road; My Lords Hill; Norman Niles; Salter’s; Charles Rowe Bridge; Valley; Walkers; Taitt Hill; Gun Hill; Gun Hill Signal Station; Newbury; Golden Ridge; Four Roads; Pool; Gall Hill; (travels within walking distance of St. John Parish Church); Cliff Cottage; Coach Hill; Bath; Sargeants Street; Codrington College; Sealy Hall; Palmers Corner; Fortesque; St Mark Church.

Transportation for 50th Anniversary Human Chain Link

On Monday, 28th November 2016, the Transport Board will be partnering with the Ministry of Education to provide transportation for a number of students, in both the Primary and Secondary Schools, to and from various locations around the island to allow them to participate in the Human Chain Link 2016.

Unfortunately, we are unable to cover these transportation requirements without some level of disruption to our regular service schedules. We therefore anticipate some delays to our regular schedules during the preparation and execution of this iconic activity.

Please take note of the above and plan your travel accordingly as this will require a number of our buses to complete the activity and this will occur during the morning peak hours. We do apologise for any inconvenience caused.

Road Closure- Walker’s Road

Please be informed with immediate effect the area of Walker’s Road, St. Andrew will be closed.  As a result of this closure access to the Babylon area would be difficult. The following road diversion will be introduced:-

  • The St. Andrew Church bus on reaching the top of Lower Walkers Road will turn right through Babylon and exit right unto Belleplaine road, continue unto the original route returning via same.
  • The Shorey Village bus from Bridgetown and the Bathsheba bus to Speightstown on reaching St. Andrew’s Primary School will not travel through Babylon but will continue across the bridge to the round-a-bout and continue the original routes.
  • The Bathsheba bus from Speightstown will travel to Bawdens turn right by St. Andrews Primary School unto Babylon Road and continue the journey. The Shorey Village buses travelling to Bridgetown will travel across the bridge to Belleplaine and continue the route.

This road closure is expected to be in effect for one week.

Please be guided accordingly and travel with due care through the area.

Routes & Shuttles to the Barbados Reggae Festival 2016

Going to the Digicel Barbados Reggae Festival 2016? Transport Board can take you there! We’ve created

  1. Vintage Reggae Show: Special routes to take you from the Vintage Reggae Show & Dance
  2. Reggae On The Hill: Direct, non-stop shuttles leaving Bridgetown & Oistins to take you to Reggae on De Hill and back.

Click flyer below for details.


Easter Weekend Service

The Transport Authority thanks the commuters and service providers working with us on the Transport Authority Service Integration (TASI) project.
We appreciate your co-operation with us.

Please remember that the bus service for all public holidays is that which applies on Sundays.

You may contact the Transport Authority at 435-3518 or 427-1778 or 427 1PSV if you have any questions or concerns.

The Chairman, Board, Management and Staff of the Transport Authority take this opportunity to wish the travelling public and all owners, drivers and conductors of public and private service vehicles a safe holiday weekend.

TASI: One Schedule, One Fare.