At the end of 2002 the number of accidents decreased by 25%. The reduction is a significant achievement and can be attributed to more defensive driving, untiring training and guidance of the Driver Trainers and Driver Liaisons. In addition the wellness and safety programmes being conducted by the Board and the Driver Recognition and Award Scheme played a significant part in achieving the reduction.

As part of our continued efforts to reduce our accident rates our drivers were given one-on-one orientation in “Vehicle System Function”, with all the drivers receiving re-education on how the various vehicle systems function as well as re-enforcement of safe driving practices.

Feedback from drivers indicated that the course was of great value to them and the Board. The most helpful or valuable aspect of the course was understanding the total operations of the several vehicular systems, especially instrumental panel, daily general inspections and engine checks, the cooling system, proper gear selection, transmission function, mechanical knowledge, and special function of the 2000 Mercedes buses.

“On-the-road Assessment and Training” was also conducted. This was handled by an external instructor. This involved exercises in and around Bridgetown and in the hills in St. Andrew. The objectives of this training were to improve driving skills, train drivers in observation techniques and prevention of vehicle abuse, provide basic working knowledge of vehicles, give consideration and care to passengers and improve drivers’ attitude and responsibility.