Changes to the Schedules of the Transport Board

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The Transport Board was mandated, as were other government agencies, to reduce its expenditure and find ways of making the organisation more efficient.  One of the changes is some amendments to our scheduled services.

For several years we have been challenged with bus reliability and to address this challenge, we will today speak to the service delivery and the adherence to our posted schedules.

Effective June 22, 2014 the Transport Board will be making changes to our service schedules.  These changes will see some routes receiving limited services compared to what was previously available.  It will also see new combinations coming into operation and other combinations being removed.  Also of note will be that of the cross country routes which in some instances, have extended travel times.  We believe that these new changes will allow us to offer greater efficiencies to the travelling public.

To give an example of some of the changes, in the north of the island the Connelltown and the Josey Hill services will no longer be combined.  The public has, for an extended period, expressed concerns about the length of this combined route and we have sought to address this.  However, other combinations at select times will occur such as Boscobelle/Indian Ground.

With regards to the Cave Hill and Grazettes routes, these will be combined at select times and will receive a two (2) hour service in the off peak periods.  Off peak periods are between 9:00 a.m. and 3:00 p.m.

Areas such as Jackson, that previously received a dedicated service, will now be combined with the Eden Lodge service and the Jackson/Warrens will be maintained.  This is just one of the areas where we are reallocating resources to offer a better service.

We implore you to familiarise yourself with the changes before planning your travels as these changes are effective Sunday June 22, 2014.  Information can be found on our website at; on our Facebook page and on our Twitter feed.  For persons who do not have access to social media we are also placing some of the schedules at our terminals and we can be contacted via telephone at 310-3500.  Additionally, we have engaged the General Postal service to assist us by having some of the schedules delivered directly to homes.

We thank you for the patience that you have shown as we sought to improve on our service and we look forward to seeing you on the buses and serving you in the future. Remember that you are in safe hands with us.

June 18, 2014
Sandra Forde
General Manager