Expression of Interest – Engineering Project Manager –Transport Board Electric Bus Project

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The Transport Board invites Expression of Interest for an Engineering Project Manager for a period of Eight months commencing 3rd March to 30th November 2020.

Responsibilities of the Project Manager

  1. Responsibility for the overall technical interest of Transport Board (BTB) for the duration of the implementation of the electric bus-charging infrastructure at all of the relevant sites.
  2. Liaise with relevant stakeholders on behalf of the client in accordance with the requirements of the Technical and Implementation Committees. Stakeholders include but are not limited to:
    1. Town and Country Planning Department (TCPD)
    2. Government Electrical Engineering Department (GEED)
    3. Barbados Light & Power Company Limited (BLPC)
    4. Ministry of Transport Works and Maintenance (MTWM)
    5. Ministry of Energy and Water Resources (MEWR)
  3. Prepare applications to relevant regulatory agencies on behalf of the client.
  4. Responsible for quality assurance and ensuring that designs and work are executed in accordance with relevant standards and regulations.
    1. GEED/NEC Code
    2. NESC Code
    3. BLPC Requirements Booklet
    4. Any other relevant standards/regulations
  5. Advise on material quantities and specifications for the project.
  6. Liaise with Original Equipment Manufacturer (OEM) and advise on equipment installation.
  7. Review equipment specifications and ensure it meets the requirements of the client (BTB and Technical and Implementation Committees) along with other key stakeholders including regulatory bodies and Barbados Light and Power Company Limited
  8. Ensure installation meets current and future requirements of the client
    1. Current and Future E-bus quantities
  9. Work closely with BLPC representatives to ensure the project is delivered within the timeframe proposed by the Implementation Committee.
  10. Report to Technical and Implementation Committees on project status and provide updates on any other factors affecting project implementation.
  11. Liaise with OEM on commissioning of equipment.
  12. Supervision of relevant contractors working on the project.

Experience/Requirements of Project Manager

  1. Project Management Experience on large engineering projects
  2. Must be Registered Engineer
  3. Experience designing and project managing complex engineering systems
  4. Flexibility to supervise/oversee work being executed concurrently at multiple locations
  5. Provide proof and references for recent projects of similar complexity.

Each Expression of Interest must be submitted in a sealed envelope marked “Expression of Interest – Transport Board Electric Bus Project” to the Project Manager, Implementation Committee – Transport Board Electric Bus Project, Transport Board, “Weymouth”, Roebuck Street, St. Michael. Expressions of Interest should be submitted not later than 4:00 p.m. on Friday, 14th February 2021.

Envelopes should not bear the name of the tenderers. Further information can be obtained from the Chief Operating Officer on application.

The successful tenderer will be required to enter into a contract drawn up on approval by the Board’s Attorney-at-law.

The Board does not bind itself to accept the lowest or any tender.

You can download a PDF version here:

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