New Bus Route: Six Roads via St. George Church To Warrens

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Please be informed that effective Monday 14th April, the Six Roads via St. George Church To Warrens will commence.  The route and timetables are as follows:

Route Description:

  • Outbound: Six Roads, Marchfield, Sunbury, St. Philip Church, Chapel, Byde Mill, French’s, Melverton, Ellerton, Eastlyne, St. George Church, Charles Rowe Bridge, Lower Estate, Hothersal Turning, right at the round-about to ABC H’way, Errol Barrow, left to Green Hill, right to Lodge Terrace (Price Smart), circle by Government offices, exit by Kentucky, Ronald Mapp H’way, A.B.C H’way, left at round-about to Jackson, Circle the round-about
  • Inbound: Warrens round-about continue on to Simpson Motors Round-a-bout, left by Cheffette, Super Centre and exit by Old Da Costa Mannings, left to Warrens Round-a-bout and continue on to Six Roads via A.B.C H’way, Hothersal Turning, Charles Rowe Bridge, Ellerton.

Time Tables:

  • From Six Roads: 0600, 1500
  • From Warrens: 0730, 1630

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