New Pilot Route – Wellhouse via Six Roads to Warrens

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Please be informed that effective Monday 7th April, 2014 the Transport Board will be testing a new route. This service, which is a pilot project, will commence from Wellhouse and will travel via Six Roads to Warrens.  The route description and timetables are as follows:

Wellhouse, Ruby, Sterling, Six Roads, Marchfield, Brereton, Windsor, Boarded Hall, Watts Village, South District, Mapp Hill, BUSSA Round-a-bout, A.B.C H’way, Warrens, left to Green Hill, right by Lodge Terrace (Price Smart), circle by Government Office, Exit by Kentucky, Ronald Mapp H’way, circle round-about by Welches (COST-U-LESS), return to Simpson Motors round-about, on to Warrens round-about left to Jackson circle Round-about

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Times from Wellhouse:
0615,  1500

Warrens round-about continue on to Simpson Motors Round-a-bout, left by Cheffette, Super Centre and exit by Dacosta Mannings, left to Warrens Round-a-bout and continue on to Wellhouse via A.B.C H’way, Six Roads.

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Times from Warrens:
0730, 1645

Please note that we value your feedback and want to hear your comments on this service.

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