New Routes: FST – Speightstown & Holetown to Warrens Loop

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Please be informed that effective 12th December 2015, the following routes will commence six days a week.  The Route descriptions and Timetables are as follows:

  • Route 1SAFairchild Street Terminal to Speightstown via Spring Garden
  • Route 59Holetown To Warrens Loop via Sea View/Green Hill/ White Hall


Route 1SA – Fairchild Street Terminal to Speightstown via Spring Garden

Route Description :

  • Outbound: FST, John Beckles Drive, Constitution Road, Wharf Road, Princess Alice Highway, Turn into Princess Alice Terminal, Reef Road, Fontabelle, Spring Garden, Walmer Lodge, Prosoect, Paynes Bay, Sandy Lane, Holetown, Folkestone, Mullins, “old” Speightstown, Queen’s Street, Sand Street, Speightstown Terminal.
  • Inbound service: Speightstown, Queen’s Street, Mullins, Folkestone, Holetown, Sandy Lane, Payne’s Bay, Prospect, Walmer Lodge. Black Rock, Eagle Hall, Barbarees Hill. Baxters Road, Broad Street, F.S.T

Time Table

  • From Fairchild Street Terminal
    0610 – 0815- 1045 – 1410 – 1620 – 1910
  • From Speightstown Terminal
    0650 – 0915 – 1215 – 1510 – 1740 – 2015


Route 59 – Holetown To Warrens Loop via Holders Hill/Green Hill/ White Hall

Route Description:

  •  Holetown, Holders Hill, Hoytes Village, Redman Village, (Cost U Less round-about), Warrens Hill, Simpson Motors Round-a-bout, left by Cheffette, SuperCentre and exit by Dome Mall, left to Warrens Round-about, Circle round-about, proceed down Green Hill, Codrington, right turn at Traffic lights, on to White Hall, Cave Hill, Hinds Hill junction, right turn to Lodge Hill, Circle Round-about left by Cheffette, Massy SuperCentre, Warrens Round-about, Redman Village, Hoytes Village, Holders Hill, Holetown.

Time Table

  • From Holetown
    0640- 0750 – 0920 – 1040 – 1200 – 1420 – 1540 – 1700 – 1845 – 2000