Request For Proposal – Dedicated School Bus Service

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The Transport Board is inviting entities to provide a fleet of vehicles for the supply of a dedicated school bus system, on a revenue-sharing basis. A dedicated school bus system, with enough units, would reduce bus overloading, deliver improvement in the timely collection of students, and allow for more students to have the opportunity to take part in extracurricular activities.  The applicant may tender for all or any specific school as an individual or join with others to form a consortium or a co-operative to provide the required service.  If a consortium or co-operative is agreed, this must be clearly identified in the RFP.

Applicants must also ensure that they have a valid permit to allow for the picking up and setting down of passengers at bus stops around the island.

The arrangement to be put in place will require that: –

1.    The cost and risk of the acquisition of the required vehicles and the employment of the drivers for the same be borne solely by the applicant.

2.    The applicant has adequate equity and resources to absorb shocks to revenue or increased cost without defaulting on the arrangement

Under the arrangement, the applicant/s are expected to: –

1.    Provide the relevant number of vehicles on the signing of the contract and solely on the basis of the requirements stated above.

2.    Provide services between the hours of 06:15 to 09:30 and 14:15 to 18:00 Monday to Friday.

3.    Make arrangements to transport students from schools in some instances with a population of over nine hundred students, and no privately owned transportation operating in the area.

The scope of the arrangement must include for the provision of services to twenty-three (23) secondary and twenty-three (23) primary schools across the island.

All proposals must be accompanied by a Bid Security in the amount of BDS $100 in favor of the Barbados Transport Board and in the form as stipulated in the tender documents.

Qualifying Requirements for Applicants

a)    The contractor will be required in accordance with the provisions of the Labour Clauses (Public Contracts) Act. 1952 (1952-12) to observe minimum conditions of employment, including payment of wages. Each tender must be accompanied by a certificate, as specified in paragraph 3 of the abovementioned Act. Full details of these conditions may be obtained from the Chief Labour Officer, Warren Office Complex, Warrens St. Michael.

b)   All corporate Tenderers must submit with their tender a copy of the Company’s Certificate of Incorporation and a Certificate of Good Standing from the Registrar of Corporate Affairs as evidence of the fact that the company is an existing Registered Company, as at the date of tender.   The certificates must be in the name of the tenderer. FAILURE TO PROVIDE THESE CERTIFICATES WILL RENDER THE TENDER VOID.

c)    Tenders are advised that the Certificate of Incorporation referred to at paragraph (b) above, means a Certificate of Incorporation issued under the 1985 Companies Act or where applicable, a certificate of Continuance and/or a Certificate of Amalgamation or a Certificate of Amendment. Certificates must be dated after December 31, 1984.

d)    Certificates of Clearance from the Director, National Insurance Scheme, the Commissioner of the Barbados Revenue Authority and the Comptroller of Customs in respect of VAT, must be submitted with tenders.

e)    The applicant must provide proof of its ability to finance the acquisitions and to withstand any shocks in revenue or increased cost. No sovereign guarantee, letter of comfort, or other indication of support will be provided as part of the contract.

f)     The applicant must furnish, along with its proposal, a letter of understanding, supported by a Board Resolution pledging unconditional and irrevocable financial support for the execution of the contract by the tenderer in case of award.

g)    The successful applicant will be required to enter into a contract drawn up on approval by the Board’s Attorney-at-Law.

The Transport Board reserves the right to reject any or all proposals or cancel/withdraw the request for proposals without assigning any reason whatsoever and in such case no applicant/intending applicant shall have any claim arising from such action.

The Transport Board is not responsible for any costs or expenses incurred by Applicants in connection with the preparation or delivery of the proposal.

The original and one (1) electronic copy of the Request for Proposals, clearly marked “RFP to partner with the Transport Board in the delivery of a dedicated school bus system” must be prepared in English and delivered in sealed envelopes to the following address no later than 4:30pm on Friday 26 June, 2020

The Tenders Committee

Transport Board


Roebuck Street


The RFP must be placed in the Tenders Box located at the above address.

Late submissions will not be accepted and will be returned unopened to the applicants.