The Transport Board Introduces Its Bridgetown Shuttle (updated)

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Transport Board BusThe Transport Board introduced its shuttle service on Monday 6th April, 2009 running from 6:00 a.m. to 11:00 p.m. to assist commuters in moving from the lower Fontabelle area to the Fairchild Street Terminal. This service is presently being developed and as such is subject to periodic changes. The service will be used to enhance the existing route structure in the Bridgetown area.

The shuttle will travel between the Fairchild Street and Princess Alice Terminals. It will leave the Fairchild Street Terminal and travel to the Princess Alice Terminal via River Road, John Beckles Drive, Constitution Road, Wharf Road, Princess Alice Highway, the Harbour Industrial Estate, circumnavigate the Elsie Payne Roundabout and end at the Princess Alice Terminal.

It will travel to Fairchild Street Terminal via Cheapside and Broad Street. It travels onto Broad Street until the junction with the Duncan O’Neale Bridge. The turnaround point for this trip is the Fairchild Street Terminal.