Bus Services Available for Golden Anniversary Spectacular Mega Concert

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The Golden Anniversary Spectacular Mega Concert powered by FLOW will take place tonight at 9:00 p.m. at Kensington Oval.

Park and Ride services to the concert:

The Barbados Transport Board will be providing a park and ride service from the National Cultural Foundation, West Terrace, St. James; Queens College, Husbands, St. James and the Lloyd Erskine Sandiford Centre, Two Mile Hill, St. Michael.

  • This service will begin at 8:00 p.m. and will cost $7.00.

End-of-event services from the concert:

  • There will be an end-of-event transportation service from the Oval to the following routes, also at a cost of $7.00:


End of Event Routes From Oval

Martin’s Bay/Flat Rock/Bathsheba

Bridgetown; Waterford; Hothersal Turning; Lower Estate; Bourne’s Village; Locust Hall; St. Helens; Belair; Market Hill; Groves; Sweet Vale (Sweet Bottom); Redland; Claybury; Sherbourne; (turn around) Mount Tabor; Venture; Malvern; Hackelton Cliff; Edey’s Village; Clifton Hall; Allen Moore Corner; Newcastle; Martin’s Bay; St Margaret’s Village; Glenburnie; (turn) Foster Hall; Andromeda Gardens; Bathsheba; St. Elizabeth Village; Joes River; Horse Hill; Blackman’s; Parris Hill; Andrews Factory; Groves.

Grazettes/Wanstead/Holders Hill/ Rock Dundo/Rock Hall

Bridgetown; Eagle Hall; Tudor Bridge; Spooners Hill; Long Gap; Grazettes; Cave Hill; Hinds Hill; Gordon Cumming Highway; Wanstead; Oxnards; Thorpes; Hoytes Village; Redman’s Village; Bennett’s; Highway 2A; St. Thomas Church; Orange Hill; Westmoreland; Upper Carlton; Rock Dundo; Black Bess; Rock Hall.

St. Andrew’s Church/ Shorey Village/Jackson

Bridgetown; Eagle Hall; Spooners Hill; Green Hill; Warrens; Jackson; Sharon; Shop Hill; Hillaby; Turners Hall; Bawdens; Walkers; St. Andrew’s Church; Douglin; Shorey Village; Belleplaine; St. Simons.

Workmans/St. Judes/ Greens/Drax Hall//Society/Bowmanston

Bridgetown; Tweedside Road; Fairfield; My Lord’s Hill; Belle; Norman Niles; Salters; Charles Rowe Bridge; St. George Church; Eastlyn; Ellerton;(Love Rock Corner) into Ellerton Housing Area; Waverly Cot & Buttals Tenantry; Brighton Plantation; Melverton; Bydes Mill; Halton Plantation; Chapel; Church Village; Government Industrial School; Padmore Village; Bushy Park Road; Gaskin Road; District C Police Station; Station Hill; Moncrieffe; Massiah Street; Society Plantation; Codrington School; Massiah Street; Rose Gate; Bowmanston.

Sugar Hill/Chalky Mount

Bridgetown; Waterford; Norman Niles; Hothersal Turning; Carib Rehab Ltd; Bibby’s Lane; Proutes; Walkes Spring; Sugar Hill; Airy Hill; turn around Sugar Hill; Todd’s Corner; Chimborazo; Coffee Gully; turnaround point; Branchbury; Chimborazo; Melvins Hill; Upper Parks; Lower Parks; Dark Hole; Chalky Mount.

Indian Ground/Boscobelle/Pie Corner/Josey Hill/Connell Town

Bridgetown; Eagle Hall; Black Rock Main Road; Paynes Bay; Holetown; Lower Carlton; Road View; Speightstown Bus Terminal; Station Hill; Ashton Hall; Mile and A Quarter; Benn Hill; Pleasant Hall; Portland; Welchtown; Indian Ground; Roebuck; Four Hill; Prospect Road; French Village; Farley Hill; Diamond Corner; Castle; Gay; The Mount; Foster Funland; Centipede Alley; Baltic; Date Tree; Cave Hill; Pie Corner; Well Road; Lowlands; Chance Hall; Durhams; Rock Hall; Josey Hill; Mount Gay; Pickering; Spring Hall; Hope Road; Connell Town.

Sam Lords Castle/Fairy Valley/ Silver Sands/Bayfield

Bridgetown; Jemmotts Lane; Bay Street; Hastings; Worthing; Top Rock; Maxwell; Oistins; Silver Sands; Wilcox Hill Providence; Pilgrim Road; Callenders; Grantley Adams Airport; Spencers; Rock Hall; Gemswick; St. Martins.

St Patricks/Yorkshire

President Kennedy Drive; Westbury Road; Passage Road; Country Road; Reobuck Street; Tweedside Road; Pine Road; Collymore Rock; Wildey; Sargeant Village; Vauxhall; ABC Highway; Kendal Hill; Montrose; Water street Lodge road; Newton Park; Searles Lead Vale; Fairview; St Patricks; Woodbourne; Six roads; Mangrove BWU Labour College Casa Grande Hotel; Garrett Road Oldbury; Gemwick Airport; Charnock 1; Charnock 2; Waldron; Lower Greys to Bridgetown.

College Savannah/Sargeant Street via Fortesque

President Kennedy Drive; Westbury Road; Passage Road; Country Road; Reobuck Street; Tweedside Road; My Lords Hill; Norman Niles; Salter’s; Charles Rowe Bridge; Valley; Walkers; Taitt Hill; Gun Hill; Gun Hill Signal Station; Newbury; Golden Ridge; Four Roads; Pool; Gall Hill; (travels within walking distance of St. John Parish Church); Cliff Cottage; Coach Hill; Bath; Sargeants Street; Codrington College; Sealy Hall; Palmers Corner; Fortesque; St Mark Church.