Concerns with the Safety of the units of the Transport Board

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It has been reported that some persons have expressed concerns with the safety of passengers who would be travelling on the buses operated by the Transport Board.  This concern was related to whether or not the buses were covered by insurance.

As a well-established organisation which has been in operation for 60 years this year, we are very cognizant of our legal duties and responsibilities to our passengers, our employees, other road users and other stakeholders.

We categorically state that the buses of the Transport Board are fully covered by insurance held with Consumers Guarantee Insurance.  We would be extremely irresponsible to take such an apathetic position when we are accountable for the lives of so many of the residents, citizens and other persons traversing the landscape of Barbados. As such, we wish to reassure all parties that the safety of our passengers is of paramount importance.

Remember that “you are in safe hands with us”

16 March, 2015