Drivers Recognised For Excellence

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By Kerri Gooding

Having been punctual every day, never absent, never the recipient of a complaint by a customer and having driven incident- and accident-free for the year 2009-2010, six drivers were in contention for the desired Driver of the Year Award at the Transport Board, but after a quiz to decide a definite winner amongst the group of outstanding performers, Kertist Corbin was named the Driver of the Year for 2010.

Management and staff lauded his achievement while his colleagues flocked to commend him, especially those who are stationed at the Mangrove Depot with him. Each consolation awardee said a few kind words about their fellow driver and the general consensus was that Corbin is deserving of the award achieved.

The presentation ceremony for the Driver of the Year 2010 and the Consolation Awardees was held at the Weymouth Headquarters in the Gerald “Seaman” Hunte Recreational Hall on Friday. Terminal Manager, Gena Greaves, said that the Driver of the Year programme was a great initiative as the staff, management and Board of the Transport Board, CSE Services Inc. and CGI Consumers’ Guarantee Insurance Co. Ltd. collaborate in an effort to encourage and motivate drivers to conduct their tasks and services more reliably and efficiently.

Pedro Sanford, Chairman of the Board of Directors, Kertist Corbin, Driver of the Year 2010 and Sandra Forde, General Manager (reading left to right)

Marketing and Corporate Communications Manager, Lynda Holder, said that the drivers operate at a certain level, adhering to their social responsibility while servicing the entire island. The initiative provides added incentive for them to service the citizens very well.

The consolation awardees consisted of Curtis Miller, Olvin Codrington, Rudolph Carter, Neville Ellis and Steve Springer. Codrington said that “we can all see [Kertist Corbin], learn and follow in his footsteps”. Corbin accepted his award humbly and proudly stated, “I promise to continue to uphold the high standards of the Transport Board.”

Marketing Manager for CGI, Ann Barrow, said that she hopes next year, amidst the contenders, she will see familiar faces and new faces as others are encouraged by the example of the 2010 contenders and winner to strive for excellence. Holder commended the awardees as they are Ambassadors for the Transport Board representing stellar service.

Adapted from the Barbados Advocate of 5th June, 2011.