New Bus Route: Bridgetown To Warrens via Garrison

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Please be informed that effective Monday 14th April, the Bridgetown To Warrens via Garrison will commence. This service will be departing from Gate 15 in the Fairchild Street Terminal. The route and timetables are as follows:

Route Description:

  • Outbound: Fairchild Street Terminal, River Road, Jemmott’s Lane, Bay Street, Garrison, Culloden Road, Pine-Belleville, Tweedside Road, Hindsbury Road, Bank Hall, Eagle Hall, Codrington, Green Hill, left at Manning Da Costa, (Warren’s office area), exit by Kentucky/SOL Gas station, Simpson Motors Round-about, A.B.C  H’way left at round-about to Jackson and circle round-about.
  • Inbound: Warrens round-about continue on to Simpson Motors Round-a-bout, left by Cheffette, Super Centre and exit by Da costa Mannings, left to Warrens Round-a-bout circle and return to Bridgetown via Green Hill, Eagle Hall

Time Tables (Monday- Friday):

  • From Bridgetown: 0615, 0815, 1030, 1200, 1400, 1530, 1730
  • From Warrens: 0715, 0915, 1115, 1300, 1445, 1630, 1830

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