Pilot Service: Route #60 – Oistins to Bridgefield via Green Hill

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From Monday 14 th January 2019, the Operations Department would be testing a new service. This service is Route # 60 Oistins to Bridgefield via Green Hill. It would operate from Monday to Friday.

Provisional Schedule

The route description for Bridgefield via Green Hill is as follows:


Oistins, Welches, Maxwell, Top Rock, St. Lawrence, Graeme Hall Swamp, Worthing, Hastings, right to Garrison Savannah, Barbados Museum, Dalkeith Road, Culloden Road, Belleville, Pine Road, Tweedside Road, Globe round-a-bout, Harmony Hall, Hindsbury Road, left to Bank Hall Main Road, Eagle Hall, right to Tudor Bridge, Codrington Hill, Green Hill, left at Dome Mall, circle (Warren’s office area), exit by Kentucky/SOL Gas station, circle Simpson Motors roundabout, proceed to Warrens roundabout, turn left to one Accord Plaza, Jackson, Arthur Seat, Cane Garden, Bridgefield pass Municipal Building take left onto White Hall Road, Pass Bridgefield Pavilion, turn opposite the Barbados Mini-Golf Course.


White Hall, Bridgefield, Cane Garden, Jackson, One Accord Plaza, Green Hill, Tudor Bridge, Eagle Hall, Bank Hall Main Road, Harmony Hall, Tweedside Road, Welches, Belleville, Culloden Road Dalkeith Road Hastings Worthing Top Rock, Maxwell, Oistins.

The Route Description for Bridgefield via Melrose is as follows:

White Hall, Bridgefield, Cane Garden, Arthur Seat, Edge Hill, Melrose, Welches, Cost U Less Round- a-bout, Simpsons roundabout onto Warrens roundabout, Green Hill, Spooner’s Hill, Tudor Bridge, Eagle Hall, Bank Hall, Eastmond Corner, Welches, Government Hill, Bussa round-a-bout, ABC Highway, St Barnabas Road, Wildey, Factory Avenue, turn left on to Wildey, Clapham, Sargeant’s Village, Vauxhall, Kendal Hill, via ABC Highway, Kingsland, Water Street, Newton Park, Church Hill, Oistins