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Tuesday, March 14, 2023


The St. Andrew’s Church bus will return to its original route through Bawdens, St. Andrew, starting Sunday, March 19.

Word of this from the Chief Operations Officer of the Transport Board, Lynda Holder, following a final test run of a bus crossing over Bawdens temporary by-pass road today, Tuesday, March 14.

Also, on-site to observe the test were other officials from the Transport Board including the Terminal Manager of the Speightstown Terminal, Mr George Denny; and Terminal Manager (ag) of the Princess Alice Terminal, Mr Hartley Davis; and the Parliamentary Secretary of the Ministry of Transport, Works and Water Resources (MTWW), who is also the Parliamentary Representative for St. Andrew, Dr Romel Springer.

(L to R: Dr Romel Springer, Lynda Holder, Hartley Davis and George Denny)

In April 2022, the St. Andrew’s Church bus service had to be re-routed after the Bawdens Bridge was deemed unsafe and consequently closed. A temporary by-pass road was put in its place, however, that road was washed away following heavy rains late last year. A sturdier, more durable temporary by-pass road has been constructed which will allow for heavy-duty vehicles and buses to travel across it.

Mrs Holder outlined that following discussions with the MTWW and the representative for the area, the Transport Board was pleased to reintroduce the St. Andrew Church bus service to the residents of St. Andrew.

She explained that due to the closure of Bawdens Bridge, some bus services to that parish were extended and re-routed. “The St. Andrew’s Church bus serviced one end of the Bawdens Bridge, while the Shorey Village bus serviced the other end. However, with the opening up of the temporary road, the St. Andrew’s Church bus can now be realigned to service its original route,” she said, adding that travel time for commuters on the Shorey Village and St. Andrew’s Church routes will now be greatly reduced. More importantly, she added that the Alleyne school bus will also return to its original route, allowing children using that bus to arrive at school in a timelier manner.

Parliamentary Secretary of MTWW, Dr Romel Springer said he was pleased the St. Andrew Church bus was returning to its original route. He pointed out that due to the diversion of the bus route, some residents were forced to walk long distances, sometimes at night, in the dark.

Dr Springer stressed the Ministry had to ensure the safety of vehicles travelling along the temporary by-pass road and disclosed bridge posts were installed as an added safety measure. He explained that the road will also be single-lane, allowing only one vehicle to drive across at a time.

Stressing the by-pass road is a temporary measure, he confirmed MTWW has plans in place for the construction of a permanent bridge at Bawdens. He said finances had already been secured, and a contractor was sourced for the construction of the permanent structure.

Dr Springer said the aim is to complete most of the work by the start of the 2023 rainy season. (KS/PR/MTWW)

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