Transport Board Clears The Air

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The Transport Board has noted the concerns raised by members of the public over the weekend by some frustrated commuters. Gena Boyce, the Board’s Operations Manager acknowledged that the Sturges route has been of some concern. “We are seeking to address all issues and measures are being put in place to address the Sturges route.” Boyce continued, “We have seen an increased demand in recent times and having already addressed the services during Monday to Friday, we are in the process of assigning additional services to this route on Sundays to accommodate our commuters. In the interim we will be deploying our smaller Hino buses to facilitate this route.”

Speaking to comments made relating to the Chalky Mount service, Mrs. Boyce remarked that a decision was made some five years ago in 2014 to reduce the service from the Princess Alice terminal to a limited service on Sundays but noted that the service continues to run from the Fairchild street terminal with regular frequency. She concluded, “The service levels for all routes are being examined as we move forward in an effort to improve our service delivery.”

The Board’s Chief Operations Officer Lynda Holder on addressing the recent frustrations of commuters, said, “The Transport Board takes pride in providing the best possible service we can to the Barbadian public. Any complaints received are usually subject to a full internal investigation and the Transport Board would like to apologise for any convenience caused to any of our loyal commuters.”