Change to our Eden Lodge Service

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The below mentioned changes to our services will take effect effective Sunday, June 10th 2012.

22A Eden Lodge

This service will travel the normal route to Green Hill, left at the signals to White Hall , right to Whitehall No 1, left to Whitehall left to Austin Drive, Quarry Road, continue turning right, then 4th left, then right to Church Drive, left to Sorrell Lane, left to Main Eden Lodge, left to Eden lodge Rd, then 1st right, (Pick up for Bridgetown) continue and make another right to Lodge Hill left to the Government Offices, right by Kentucky, continue via Supermarket, left to Da Costa Mannings, left to Green Hill, circle the Everton Weekes roundabout, left at Warrens Polyclinic, 2nd right to 1st Ave Friendship Terrace, 1st Right on Friendship Terrace, left to Green Hill

Weekday (From Bridgetown)

600+, 700+, 730+, 815+, 900*, 1000+, 1100*, 1200+

100*, 200*, 230+, 330+, 400+, 500+, 600*, 630*, 730+, 830*, 1030*, 1205+

Saturday (From Bridgetown)

530+, 600*, 700+, 800*, 900+, 1000*, 1100+, 1200*

100+, 300*, 500+, 600*, 700+, 800*, 1000+, 1100*, 1205+

Sunday (From Bridgetown)

600+, 800*, 1000+, 1200*

200+, 400*, 500+, 600*, 700+, 800*, 900+, 1000*, 1100+, 1205+


+ The departures from Princess Alice Terminal will NOT go back through Eden Lodge but:

Continue down Green Hill to Codrington and on to Bridgetown via Stadium Road, White Park, Roebuck Street, FST and the Wharf. Pick up passengers for Bridgetown from White Hall.

*The following departures from Princess Alice Terminal will TURN right to Eden Lodge from Friendship and proceed to Bridgetown back through Eden Lodge in the opposite direction.