Update – Disruption In Route Services To Bathsheba Due To The Closure Of The Joe’s River Bridge

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Please be advised that due to the continued closure of the Joe’s River Bridge, the Transport Board will need to continue the diversion of its Bathsheba service. This service will now turn into Bonwell, continue to Easy Hall, Malvern, Clifton Hall and onto the Martins Bay route. The service will then enter Foster Hall, onto Bathsheba then culminate at the Joes River Bridge until further notice. This route will be in place on all days except on Sundays when the route will include traversing Horse Hill and return.

However, to assist persons who will be displaced by this change, an additional service to Horse Hill has been provided and this will continue until further notice running from Monday to Saturday.

The time table for this service is as follows:

Monday to Friday

  • From Horse Hill – 0500, 0530, 0615, 0730 and every 2 hours until 830 pm
  • From B’town every 2 hours from 0630am to 730pm


  • From Horse Hill + 0500, 0530, every 2 hours until 0830pm
  • From B’town – 0630, every 2 hours until 0730pm

Additionally for commuters travelling on the Horse Hill service who might need to enter Bathsheba, a transfer system has been implemented. Commuters can obtain a transfer ticket from the Operator of the Horse Hill bus on its way into Bridgetown for travel to Bathsheba & St. Elizabeth. The embarkation point for the transfer to Bathsheba will be at the Bonwell Corner. Please note that this ticket is valid for two(2) hours only.

All other previously issued diversions remain the same. Again the Transport Board apologises for any inconvenience caused by these diversions but would wish to remind the travelling public that you are in safe hands with us.

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